Splatoon Creates Tactical Inky Play For Families

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Were often asked for alternatives to older rated games here on Ask About Games. This month we see a game that not only offers a PEGI 7 rated ink shooting challenge but is perfectly designed for families: Splatoon.

My family has usually steered clear of guns both in terms of toys and video-games. Recently though we’ve enjoyed a kids paint ball option for young players in our local woods. Splat Ball is designed as a bright exuberant version of classic paint balling games. Today it stuck me that Splatoon does a pretty similar job.

Splatoon will be released on the Wii u on 29th May and was on demo last weekend. As you can see in the above video we got one family to try it out (dad, son-8 and daughter-6) and they got on surprisingly well. At first the idea of firing ink and traveling around the arena as a quid took a bit of getting used to, but they were soon shooting ink with the best of the world online.

The demo offered a four-vs-four online battle and will be joined with other modes when the game launches include a two-player local game. It also has Amiibo figurines that if purchase open additional challenges and rewards. For families looking for something different it’s well worth checking out.

With Lego Dimensions‘ brick building play and Disney Infinity 3.0 extended Star Wars game creator there will be a lot to choose from for families this year.

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