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Three Engaging Video-Game Articles For April

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Here are some interesting features about video-games in the press.

Kotaku discuss how games can help teenagers in abusive relationship:

“I believe strongly that video games, like all media, possess the ability to effect change,” he said. “But some of their unique attributes allow them to effect change in unique ways."

They also discussed the challenge of not letting children play older rated games without becoming the bad guy:

"They’re bored of FIFA, even Minecraft is losing its magic. They want something meatier. They want to play what I play.

A recent video on CBeebies introduces coding elements of the curriculum:

"The idea is that by teaching children these problem-solving skills, they will become the creators of problem-solving technology in the future."
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Andy Robertson is the editor of AskAboutGames and has written for national press and broadcast about video games and families for over 15 years. He has just published the Taming Gaming book with its Family Video Game Database.