‘Twlight of the Republic’ Introduces a New Generation to Star Wars

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With a new Star Wars film this year it’s no surprise to see a lot of Star Wars games coming out. Disney Infinity 3.0 opens its Star Wars account with Twilight of the Republic.

This covers Episodes I-III with a video-game and related set of plastic figurines that open the related content on the screen. It will appeal to fans of the films but also offers a new way to introduce children to the world and characters. Doing this in a game means you can take things at your own pace and play together as parent and child.

Episode’s IV-IV are covered in the Rise of the Empire play-set for Disney Infinity 3.0. This can be purchased separately as can the range of figurines. These characters can be used in any of the adventures even if they didn’t appear in them originally.

The game will also include a play-set for the new Pixar film Inside Out. This offers a more sedate and saccharine experience that will appeal to younger players.

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