Uden Family Enjoy New Super Lucky’s Tale Together

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Finding the right game for your family can make all the difference to how much fun and value you get from it. This week the Uden family got in touch to ask us to find a game that would suit their twin boys who are both 8 years old.

With the help of developer Playful, we took them a Nintendo Switch and New Super Lucky’s Tale to see what they made of it. The result, as you can see worked a treat.

The boys both enjoyed the platforming challenges and progressing through the story. But mum and dad got involved as well. Either helping them solve some of the puzzles, or cheering them on to keep trying on some of the sections they found difficult.

Mum and boys play together

The game works really well in both handheld and on the big TV. In fact, the parents even took to playing a bit of the game once the kids were in bed.

If you are looking for a game to play together as a family, check out our weekly top game charts which are organised by age-rating, as well as the stories like this one.

Dad gets a go

If you have a favourite game you enjoy together why not tell us in the comments.

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