UK Dev Readies Innovative Craft and Conquer Video-Game

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Liverpool based developer Starship are readying themselves to release an innovative video-game for children, Playworld Superheroes. The title draws on the studio’s AAA development talent that previously contributed to Wipeout and Motorstorm.

Interestingly the game avoids the use of In-App Purchases and aims to create an experience that builds trust. This, along with the high production value make Playworld Superheroes stand out in a crowded market.

We spoke to studio founder Martin Kenwright.

We want to show people what real value and quality is. We have a studio of incredibly talented people, many of whom have young families. They have a long history of making some of the world’s best console and PC games that many parents will have played themselves as children.

The game sets the creative side of the experience in a UK city terrace house back yard. There, in a Tree House, children craft their own superhero suit from cardboard boxes, yoghurt pots and foil cake tins. This is all achieved with a simple touch, tap and drag interface.

Once complete they are transported to an action adventure through a US city where they are tasked with defeating an alien invasion. Progress there unlocks more crafting elements back in the Tree House that in turn upgrade the player’s superhero suit abilities.

For families this offers a fresh alternative to other more commercial products and an experience that differs from the usual Hollywood locales. Different family members can enjoy different aspects of the game: crafting, collecting, shooting and fighting.

The game is planned for release later in January, although currently no specific date has been announced. It will launch on iOS with an Android version expected soon after.

For more information check the official website.

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