Video Game Character Drawing Competition

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Children instinctively want to draw pictures of the things that inspire them. Whether they like fire fighters, train drivers or celebrities their creative juices are often spent on colouring in and sketching their heroes.

Video games are no different, and my children will often find pictures online, print them out and colour them in. This is quite simple to do by Googling “colouring” along with the game of your choice.

However, seeing this video of a Skylander being drawn from scratch seems to have inspired them to not only colour in other people’s characters but also to create their own.

To share this creativity Family Gamer TV are running a competition. To enter, submit a short recording of you drawing your video game character (real or made up) and submit it as responses to the above video. You can do this by visiting the above video on YouTube, clicking the comment box then “Create a video response”.

A winner will be picked at the end of September and win a video-game goody bag for a console of their choice. Terms and Conditions

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