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Pinball machines and video-games don't usually mix. But Farsight Studios are a game developer that has created an accurate simulation of Pinball machines in video-game form -- most recently this Addams Family table.

Their Pinball Arcade app can be tried for free and is popular with families -- not least because it's a great way to introduce children to a parent's "misspent youth" playing pinball.

Hearing about the process of creating these simulations highlights again how many diverse skills go into making modern video-games. Perhaps most uncommon in this physical-virtual cross over is the mechanical engineering expert-ease required to take apart and recreate each component in the development environment. Not only that, but then reassemble the complex pinball table for comparison testing at the end of the project.

The studio also employs a range of in-house pinball experts to test the life-like nature of each table as well as drawing on a bank of professional players to ensure that each table is as accurate as possible.

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