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Video-Game Enhanced Toy Car Racing

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If you are looking for a slot car racing set this Christmas there are a lot more choices this year. Anki Overdrive, Hotwheels AI and the new Scalextric Arc Air each add video-game style lap counting, tyre damage and even weather to the racing action.

This combination of games and toys isn't new but never before have we seen so much choice in the model car racing space. Each of the sets suits different families and age groups. Anki is ideal for younger children or those who want a full video-game campaign experience. Hotwheels AI needs more patience to setup and race and will suit slightly older kids. Scalextrics will be the one that mums and dads remember, it now has an iPad app that counts laps and controls the speed.

Which ever you choose these toy-game cross over racers are a lot of fun and a great way to enjoy games together as a family.

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