Video Games top Christmas Lists

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Video Games are the top Christmas “most wanted” list for children in 2012.

Research reveals more families will play games together this Christmas than attend carol services or nativity plays, but Christmas pester power may result in inappropriate games being purchased.

Christmas is upon us and UK high streets and online stores are swelling with Christmas shoppers snapping up the hottest toys, gadgets and games to keep the family occupied this Christmas.

Recent research commissioned by Ukie (UK Interactive Entertainment), shows that once again, games top the most wanted list for UK children this year. What’s more, 53% of parents surveyed said they would be playing games together as a family this Christmas.

Key stats from the research reveal that:

  • 59% of UK parents surveyed said they would play video games together, which exceeded those going to a carol service or nativity play (43%)
  • 53% of parents are definitely or probably going to buy their child a game or console this Christmas.
  • Games top children’s most wanted lists this Christmas (33%) followed by books at 29%

However, whilst there is a wide and varied selection of games suitable for all the family, there remains some confusion amongst parents as to which games are suitable for the family and how these can be identified.

The Ukie survey found:

  • Only 2 in 5 parents say they only buy games that are the correct age rating. 43% of parents admit to checking the age ratings of games but not always sticking to them.
  • Of the parents who said they never check age ratings, 24% said they didn’t think there was anything they could put in a game which would be unsuitable.
  • 50% of parents would let their child play a game that was bought for them by a friend or relative, but had an unsuitable age rating. 23% said they would trust their friend/relative’s judgement if they had bought a game for their child.
  • Just one in five parents will play a game themselves, before deciding whether its suitable for their child.

We’re here to help by offering advice and information about the PEGI mark and how to choose games for your family.

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