VR Gaming Advice from Internet Matters

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Internet Matters have just published a very useful guide on how to enjoy VR gaming safely. It’s been penned by our editor so why not have a read.

He concludes…

Although the new and novel technology may trigger concerns for parents, setup and used appropriately VR Gaming can be a hugely positive experience for the family. Not only does it offer a new way to play games together but it also develops new skills and understanding in a variety of challenges.

For more guidance on gaming and VR check out our in-depth VR feature. To find out more about Internet Matters, visit their website. In their own words…

We’re a not-for-profit organisation that has a simple purpose – to help keep children safe in the digital world. We are supported by leading child online safety experts, we’re able to offer you the best advice and information available on tackling e-safety issues.

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