Yo-Kai Watch Beautifully Combines Strategy and Exploration for Families

 In Handheld, 3DS

Yo-Kai Watch is released in the UK today and offers a great combination of exploration and fighting strategy for the whole family. The game is supported by a TV cartoon series and line of toys and revolves around a young boy’s ability to find and collect spirits (Yo-Kai).

As well as offer an strong collect ’em all experience, Yo-Kai has plenty of unique tricks up its sleeves. Players need to explore an open world environment and pay attention to how the inhabitants are behaving. Unusual or unwanted emotions may well be the work of the Yo-Kai. Capturing these spirits frees the townsfolk from their ills so they can carry on with their life.

It’s from the same team that developer the Professor Layton games and has the same attention to detail. Visuals and audio combine to create a game suited to a wide range of family members. With one copy of the game you can use the three different save files to play through together. Each person’s game will evolve differently depending on how they focus their collection.

There are also Yo-Kai Watch toys coming soon that were unveiled that this year’s New York Toy Fair.

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