About us 

Ask About Games is powered by Ukie and supported by the video games industry

Our mission

First launched a decade ago, Ask About Games is a multi-year campaign powered by Ukie in partnership with the Games Rating Authority and games businesses. Our collective aim is to help parents and families navigate the world of video games.

Ask About Games has been made possible thanks to the generous support of our games businesses. If you’re interested in becoming a campaign sponsor, please get in touch.

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Powered by Ukie

Ukie is the trade body for the UK video games industry. It represents over 2,000 games businesses across the UK which support over 73,000 jobs in one of the UK’s fastest growing, innovative and creative sectors. Ukie’s mission is to make the UK the best place to make, play and sell games in the world.

Data entry of information on the Family Gaming Database.

Driven by data

Ask About Games provides advice and information about the latest games, driven by the data from the Family Gaming Database API. This provides data on content, skill level and a parent-friendly overview of new games every week. The Family Gaming Database helps millions of parents and carers find the best games for their children every month.