Go Vacation is a resort exploration adventure where 50 mini-games can be discovered and played. The mini-golf, skating, surfing, volleyball, car racing, tennis and other games use the Wii and Switch motion-sensitive controllers and are simple fun for youngsters. But the real excitement is exploring the resorts and collecting treasure: Marine, City, Snow and Mountain. Each requires different ways to get around, including horseback, motorbike and kayak.

This is a great game for younger children because it’s simple to control and enables them to explore where they want and at their own pace in a detailed cartoon world with lots to do. There are seven treasure chests to find in each resort location that offer new outfits. You can also find the secret photo spots, or order food from restaurants. Finally, you can meet characters in the world who have quests for you, or take on the daily challenges.
When using the public transport or tours available in the different resorts you are offered audio explanations about the history of the geography and architecture. You can also build your own spaces in your villas by collecting and positioning furniture.
The result is a large open world that's great to explore with up to four friends. The mini-games range in quality and challenge but offer handy respite from the main content. In terms of value, the whole package is excellent for families with younger children.