It Takes Two is a running, jumping and exploring game that tells the story of a young girl, Rose, whose parents are divorcing. The girl creates two dolls to represent her parents, which unexpectedly traps the clashing couple in them. You and a friend cooperate as the dolls, each with unique abilities, to solve puzzles and help them work together, rather than pull in opposite directions.

The mother doll is made of wood and the father doll is made of clay. As you play you need to use their different qualities to solve each challenge. It's an existential journey that wants to land some real-world emotions about relationships, vulnerability and coping with parents splitting up.
Like other games from this developer (Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons and A Way Out), this is a co-operative adventure unique because each player has a different perspective on the action and the game is always played in split screen.
The style of play changes as you progress. But throughout it is set in a larger-than-life world from the perspective of the two dolls. Whether it is puzzle-solving, action-focused or platforming, the game leverages these interactions as metaphors for the reluctant couple saving their fractured relationship.
Some may find the simplistic approach to relationship advice a little trite. However, the beautiful setting and unusual topic offer a novel way to talk about this difficult subject that may lead to a deeper consideration of what really makes relationships break down and how we can put them back together again.