TowerFall Ascension is a running, jumping and archery game where each player selects a pixelated knight and fights to eliminate opponents by shooting them with arrows or jumping on their heads. Play is about quick reactions and second-guessing what your human or computer opponents will do. It stands out for the multiplayer mode where up to six players battle it out with limited resources of arrows and all manner of customisable powerups each round.

In the battle mode players each start with a limited supply of arrows. The aim is to find the right trajectory and momentum to hit the other fast-moving players. However, if you don't hit your target the arrow sticks in the wall and can be collected by your opponents. What starts as mild chaos soon becomes a cat-and-mouse game of offence and defence.
Because the levels are only one screen you can see where your opponents are at all times. There are powerups you can collect from chests that adjust the rules of the game, give you a shield or offer abilities like being invisible if you don't move.
What makes it so competitive is the limited resource of arrows and the ability to dodge and catch them if you get the timing right. It’s frantic and requires a lot of shouting and screaming from participants. It’s a great family battle because of the simple action, short rounds and ability to extensively customise power-ups, teams, weapons and ways to claim victory.