If you are interested and passionate about video games there are loads of jobs that are as diverse and varied as the games themselves. With so many potential career pathways in games, the chances are there is an ideal role for you or your children!

Creating a game demands a wide variety of specialities including maths, physics, music, computer science, design, audio, art, writing and animation.

But to create a successful games company requires many additional roles not directly involved in the creative process. Understanding of the latest business models and digital marketing techniques is essential, while PR can ensure people hear about your game – all these are necessary to compete in this exciting global industry.

Good communication – both verbal and written – as well as analyzing, problem-solving and working well in a team are all crucial to game development. and can tie in with many other areas of the games industry including roles in marketing, community management and content creation.

Some game studios do take on all these roles with a very small team, meaning staff have to multitask, while others employ thousands of specialists, each being an expert in their discipline. And some studios even employ economists, psychologists and all sorts else, to make sure their games are a success.

This section of AskAboutGames looks at the vast amount of roles available within the industry, and how one might be right for you or your children.

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