Co-Op Play Comes To Monster Hunter 4

 In Console, Wii U, Handheld, 3DS

Monster Hunter has been a popular and long running video-game series. It combines large open worlds with various fantastical beast to track down. Players progress steadily building up skills and equipment as the story slowly unfolds.

In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the 3DS you can now play together either online or locally at home. This not only adds a new way to play but means that different family members can help each other progress.

Playing any video-game cooperatively draws in more players to the action. It also means that games are less likely to be played alone and brings them back to the share social spaces of the house. We recommend that families look out for games they enjoy that have cooperative features.

This video offers an over view of the game along with a guide to getting online and playing together in the same room.

More information on Monster Hunter 4 is in our Parents’ Guide.

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