Cozmo Combines Games and Pixar Personalities

 In Handheld, iPhone/iPad, Android

Video-games often include characters from feature films, and with the recent popularity of toys-to-life games like Skylanders and Lego Dimensions these sometimes also exist in physical form. Cozmo reverses the trend by employing film animation and characterisation techniques in a tech-toy that has an app and games of its own.

Cozmo is an autonomous robot that can explore your desk and use a camera to recognise your face but it’s the games that really make a big difference. Select on of these on the app and you play it in real life. In Quick Tap for example, you have to tap your cube quicker than Cozmo when the coloured lights match.

Cozmo creates a new way for families to enjoy games together and his physical nature is engaging for a much wider range of players. Combine this with the app and you have a great way to play for all ages.

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