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Family Games

Now more than ever, games offer a wide range of experiences to suit all ages, interests and abilities. There really is a video game for everyone, whatever your tastes and interests.

And games offer much more than entertainment and escapism. Today most also include educational, cultural, social and skills benefits to those that play them. Equally, now games are being used in schools across the UK as tools to teach the curriculum in a fun and engaging way, whether kids are future-proofing their potential by learning to code, or learning how to craft stories. By finding the right games for your family to enjoy, together you can discover experiences that take you to new worlds, try your hand at being more creative, and learn as a group. From educational benefits to boosting collaboration and teamwork skills, there are a wide range of benefits that playing games together offers. But embracing the positive potential of games can be tricky.

That's why we built this page. Whether you are wanting to see how other families play games together, are looking which games will be best for you and your children, or are interested in the benefits playing games can bring, right here you'll find stories that will help. 

Knowledge is power, and we want to give you the power to enjoy all the benefits games can bring your family.