Games Are Made By All Sorts Of People

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We spoke to Helena Santos from Modern Dream. She encouraged young people of all ages and backgrounds to consider a career in video-games.

Talking about her route into the games industry, Santos highlighted the unique combination of creativity and technical ability the games industry requires and how this was a good fit for her.

Talking about how accessible the industry is for women, Santos was clear that what mattered more than gender was passion and ability. “It doesn’t mean that if you are a women you can’t study for those [programming] degrees and get a job. If you are a person with dreams, if you are creative and have a passion for games then go for it.”

Another misconception is that you need to be a life long programming geek to get into the gaming industry. Again Santos was keen to dispel the myth. “I had never programmed before I went to university but I knew I wanted to study computers like my dad. My background at school was arts — so for me the games industry was amazing.”

LA Cops, the latest game from Modern Dream is available via Steam.

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