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There are many different games that help you to learn about programming, design and interaction. Super Mario Maker is one example that families have been using during this time of isolation.

Super Mario Maker is available on Wii U, 3DS and Switch and lets you create your own Mario-style levels. It’s simple to get started and a lot of fun. You use the drag and drop interface to layout challenges and power-ups before completing the level yourself (to prove it’s not impossible) before uploading it.

What’s particularly nice about this is that you can not only create your own games but share them with other people. As well as this you can see the games that others have made and use them as inspiration for your own creations.

If you have children who would like to take on a challenge, here are some examples of how families have been using the game:

  • Create a level that includes:
    • One Mushroom power-up.
    • Five Koopas.
    • One moving platform.
  • Create a level that you can complete but your parents or carers can’t.
  • Create a level easy enough for your younger brother or sister.
  • Challenge your younger brother or sister to make a level for you.
  • Create a level that includes:
    • Ten Goombas.
    • One Piranha Plant.
    • One secret way to get to the finish quickly.
  • Create a level that includes:
    • Fire Flower power-up.
    • One Lakitu.
    • Two Hammer Bros.

We hope this gives you some inspiration for your creations. If you make any great levels, do share the code with us on Twitter so we can give them a go as well.

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