Meeting Families at Games Britannia

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Games Britannia, staged at the MAGNA Science Adventure Centre, offers hands-on experience and inspiration for aspiring games designers. What better place to launch the search for a PEGI Family Gaming Ambassador.

As you can see we went up to the Games Britannia festival with a stack of family games and our brand new website. It was a great week for us, meeting families and playing games. But more than just entertainment it was the conversations we had that really stayed with us.

We heard about how all sorts of different families, parents and children played games together. Which games worked best for them, and which had been less successful. Everyone was very happy to talk about how they played games.

Having wondered over to play the Xbox Kinect and Wii games we had on offer, it was great to see players of all ages having fun together. A couple of mum’s particularly hadn’t played video games with their kids before, and said they would do so in the future.

There was also some great father/son friendly rivalry and team-work going on with the sport games. Again it was really good to be able to talk first hand to families as they played together.

Everyone was keen to enter our competition to be a PEGI Family Gaming Ambassador, and the chance to win videogame consoles and games. Don’t worry if you didn’t make it to Games Britannia because you can still enter online via our competition page.

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