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Each month we field all manner of different questions on askaboutgames. Some people have intricate queries about particular games while others want to know which console will be best for their family. Here are our picks this month.


Question: I am going to buy Rayman Legends – PSN game for PS Vita.  Can i also get the PS3 version for free , or do i have to pay extra?

Answer: Certain games on the PlayStation Network (PSN) offer a cross buy feature that grants access on multiple platforms for one purchase. Rayman Legends doesn’t currently support this feature. You could, however, buy it on PlayStation 4 and use the Remote Play feature of the Vita to play on both console and handheld when in the home.


Question: Just purchased TS-2014 Train Simulator for my grandson.  I’m having some difficulty getting this installed on my PC.

Firstly you should check the system requirements on the game details. Different titles will require particular hard ware. Another good route for assistance is the publisher help line. This is often found on the back of the game.


Question: Hi I have an game idea but not sure if its been suggested before or even if its in the process of being made. would it be possible if  you  could please direct me to the right place to share my idea?

Perhaps you could email a publisher describing your game idea. Or email a smaller independent developer. Another alternative is to try making the game yourself in one of a number of simple programming languages or game creation tools. For novice users titles like Disney Infinity’s Toy Box mode and Little Big Planet can be a great place to start.


Question: I live in India an I want a car game for my ps3 in which I don’t have to race or participate in tournaments. I can just cruise on the road.

How about Fuel, that is a game with a lot of open exploration and should now be available at a lower price.


Question: Is there an age limit to owning a PSN account? I presume that provided you  are old enough to have a credit/debit card there’s no restriction on buying PSN credit?

You cannot an account if you are under 7 years old (as stated in the Terms and Conditions), but if a father is playing as well they can have an account and set-up a sub account for youngsters which will restrict the content accessible to them to appropriate age rated content.


Check back next month for more great questions from readers, and our best attempts to answer. If we’ve missed anything in our responses this month, why not fill in the gaps in the comments. Also, you can ask your questions here.

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