Super Mario Odyssey Promises New Worlds To Explore

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Super Mario Odyssey, in case you’ve not caught up with the news, is the critically acclaimed new platform adventure game from Nintendo. It’s on their new Switch system that means you can play it on the go in handheld form, or on the big screen back at home.

Mario games have been popular with young players and families for a long time. In particular, this iteration offers novice players more assistance with guidance in levels on where to go next and a more forgiving set of save points.

It’s the variety of places to go and explore that will be the real draw for families. Even though we’ve only seen footage from trailer, my kids are already formulating what they want to do in the worlds and which are their favourites.

Today we had the chance to unbox the new Nintendo Switch package for the Super Mario Odyssey game. If you don’t have the system already and are looking for a big family gift this Christmas then this may be a good fit for you.

It’s a little cheaper than buying the game and system separately and comes as a download code. Being downloadable rather than a physical cartridge means you don’t have to worry about losing the game (as we often seem to do) because it’s always ready to go on the system.

We also had a first look at the new amiibo for Super Mario Odyssey — Mario and Peach. They each unlock items in the game as well as a couple of outfits. Mario unlocked a white wedding suit and Peach unlocks a wedding dress.

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