Vasi Family: Dads Should Play Even If They Lose

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Young people are good at games. I know because I’m a teacher who is constantly getting his butt kicked at video games by his high school students. I use video games to teach all different types of math, from pre-algebra to pre-calculus. No matter how smart and well-coordinated I feel, it never fails; I get beat bad.

I still have the sad memories of losing my first game of Smash Brothers to a 9th grader.

I say all of this to let you know – I’m getting old.  I don’t have the time or energy to play as much. But the problem for Dads is that we get so turned off by not being able to compete and quit playing. What if I said that your kids don’t need you to be good, they just need you to play?

Some of the best memories I have playing games with my Dad (which didn’t happen that often) have to do with him being terrible at Halo. My dad didn’t play with me a lot, and when he did win at a particular game I would never hear the end of it, but I loved the fact that he didn’t quit playing because he wasn’t that good.

Of course, I now play games with my young sons. This is an image of me and my firstborn, DJ, playing.

If you are wondering what all of the paper on the floor in the picture at the top is, well, DJ had dumped out the contents of our shredder. My wife sent him into the Man Cave to pick up the mess. My job as supervisor quickly turned into that of ‘gaming buddy’.

As you might suspect, I game regularly. I thought my sons wouldn’t be able to compete with me until they were much older. Surprisingly, just last month before DJ’s 4th birthday, he genuinely beat me at a video game. I am my dad!

I guess what I am trying to say to all of us dads is; we can’t give up playing with our children because they are better than us.

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  • Ryan Bickham

    Luckily I’m unbeaten, but I know the time will come when I lose. I agree with you, as I will still be picking up that pad and playing regardless and making more memories.

  • Jeremy Leighty

    I remember once getting home from a d&d session with my uncle and then we decided to get on Xbox and play Star Wars Battlefront. We played a couple matches of Cargo which is a game mode where you deliver cargo and explosives. I had a lot more eliminations and deliveries than my uncle had.

  • Eleana Cintron

    This brings back memories when my own father and I use to play Super Smash Brothers together. I would always beat him, but I would let him win at least one match. He use to play Zelda all the time and eventually I would surpass him to flip the game multiple times. He still enjoys playing super smash though.

  • Myesha Arnold

    This is story was very touching because I like how you are a dad, a teacher, and a husband and still have time for video games. I really like that about you Mr. Vasi and keep it up.

  • Ke'Ayshia Chaney

    Interesting tale Mr.Vasi

  • Kelsi Saunders

    Sadly, I have never beat my parents at a video game. My parents enjoy to play the older systems and don’t like the newer systems so much. I don’t play video games much because they do not interest me and neither do my parents, but, there is about two weeks in summer where my parents are so bored and decide to bring out their old systems such as the NES. My parents are usually chill people but when they play video games they become super competitive, and they are really good at video games. So, I play the games with them but I never win and it’s a sad two weeks for me, other than me getting some alone time and eating some ice cream after I lose.

  • Daniel

    Thanks! I remember what it was like to be undefeated…haha

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