Wave 3 amiibo Characters Released

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The new set of amiibo characters are now available. These collectable figurines work in multiple Nintendo game both to unlock content and bring in companion and competitor characters.

We get the latest figures in the hands of a family to test them out. The following characters are included in this wave 3 release:

  • Meta Knight
  • Shulk
  • Mega Man
  • King Dedede
  • Sonic

Also worth noting this now work in both the New 3DS and Wii U to unlock characters in Super Smash Bros. via an update to the 3DS game.

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  • Sabrina

    This is a fairly good reveiw, with a couple of things to note:The Mojang folks don’t seem to have heard about this mod at all. Notch himself claims to not use mods (yeah, this pistons mod isn’t a community-created mod) in a recent tweet, claiming it taints the game or something. Take that as you will. As something a bit more concrete towards Millenaire, Jens was interviewed during the E3 conference and when asked about this particular mod, he had a complete blank look as if you were speaking in Swahili or something. When he was told it was a mod, he still had this utterly blank look and essentially replied I don’t look at all the mods . I don’t know what that means, but if any ideas from this mod were incorporated into Minecraft, you would think there would be at least a bit of an apology to Kinniken. Then again the utter lack of credit being given to the original author of the piston mod may indicate something else could be up here too.BTW, some of the really fun stuff that comes from Millenaire is the hidden things that really start to enhance the game. There are the Norman armor/tools which are made of iron (you supply the village with the iron, they make the tools which you can buy) which are also used by the villagers in some situations. Then perhaps the coolest things are the viking amulets that I find are a huge help. One has a really spiffy interface that essentially is an altimeter, an absolute must-have if you are doing deep underground mining for diamonds and other rare ores. There is also a general ore finder amulet that glows when you are close to a cluster of something other than stone/gravel/dirt underground. It isn’t quite like the X-ray goggles, so you do have to dig for it a bit, but it does provide a bit more of a compromise than flat-out cheating to find your ore. There is also a mob detector to tell you there might be some cause for concern behind the wall you are about to tear out with your pickaxe. Finally there is another amulet that turns day to night and the other way around too. Sort of an anti-bed after a fashion. These are certainly worth checking out, but can only be found by those really trying to dig deep into the mod and can only be purchased from those in the village as they can’t be crafted.That sort of gives you a further incentive to help out the village. If anything gets adopted by Notch, it is these amulets in particular as I’m sure many players would go nuts with them and really help to compliment the map and other features added into 1.6.

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