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What are the legal penalties for someone who abuses the age rating system?

From the summer of 2012 the PEGI system has been effectively incorporated into UK law and the VSC has been designated as the body responsible for the age rating of video games under the PEGI system. Video games will be age rated at one or other of the following age levels.

You will see the age ratings marked on the sleeves.

Mandatory: It is important to note that the age ratings 12, 16 and 18 age ratings are mandatory and that it is illegal for a retailer to supply any game with any of these ratings to anyone below the specified age.

Advisory: The age ratings 3 and 7 are advisory only. The PEGI age ratings will enable parents and carers to make an informed choice when buying a game for their children.

Retailers have the obligation to train their staff properly in order to minimise the risk of breaking the law. If a member of staff supplies an age restricted product to someone under age it is the member of staff and the retailer who can be prosecuted. Responsible retailers have been training their staff on the subject of age restricted products under the VRA since 1985.